The Worst Day of My Life, One Year Later............

The worst day of my life, one year later..........on 7/22/2010 I was diagnosed with stage 3b breast cancer.  I remember the oncologist asking me how far I was willing to go; how much I could endure?  I told him that I would do anything to survive! 8 months of chemotherapy; bilateral mastectomy with 8 weeks surgical recovery; 12 weeks of intensive physical therapy;  33 daily radiation treatments; soon finishing 1 year of immunotherapy on September 8th.

One year later, I only now realize everything that I've been through; but I rejoice in the heroic efforts to give me my life back!  I want to thank all of those special people: my friends & neighbors (the meals were a godsend!), faith community (prayers are always appreciated), and my blog friends and followers.  Whether or not you knew, photography gave me a much needed distraction;  something to do that didn't have anything to do with being ill; a reason to go out and photograph on the weekends that I did feel better.

A Year Later, I can still hug my little dog and smile!

Thanks to All of You  ;=D